Guitar is the instrument that I find most expressive to play because it has some of the expressive qualities of a horn or a violin but can also play chords.  It has almost a four octave range.  It’s also very percussive.  It’s probably one of the top three instruments kids and adults choose to play when asked.

Guitar is the most popular instrument in the world. I think…

It doesn’t matter.  It is in North America, I’m pretty sure.  It is versatile, dynamic, and pretty much required in a rock, blues, or country band.  It’s also used in classical, flamenco, Brazilian styles, Afrobeat, and I’ve even heard it featured in Indian classical music!  It’s also relatively easy to get started on.  Once you can master three chords you can get through an awful lot of songs.  You can play melody (the sing-along part) harmony (chords) and rhythm.  It truly is an orchestra that you can take with you.

If you’re looking to find a guitar there are several considerations.

An electric guitar (with a cable and amplifier) has a modest cost of around $200.  Electric is nice because it’s a little easier to play on.  The strings are thinner and closer to the neck (low action) which means it requires less effort to play.  It’s also great to turn up the amp and make horrible noises just for fun, or use headphones if you want to practice quietly at night.

A steel string guitar is the one most people think of when they think “guitar”.  It is the big boxy looking thing that country, folk, bluegrass, old-time, and every 70s ballad player plays.  It is louder than a classical, has a teardrop shaped pick guard and heavier construction.  It does take more hand strength to play chords.  The guitar in my slide guitar video is a steel string set up for steel.

A classical guitar, also called a nylon string guitar, is the type I like to teach on and write music on.  It is constructed with finger style playing in mind, although you can play it any way you want to.  The neck is wider which allows easy access to your right hand fingers.  This is traditionally the starting guitar.  The strings being nylon, require less effort which makes it easier for little hands to play.

If your student is age 5-9 I offer guitar lessons for young children.

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