Posted on August 4, 2011 by Andy John

In time, grasshopper.

It’s hard to believe, but learning how to play “Mary had a little lamb” actually does prepare you for “Smells like teen spirit”.  Some people might think playing rock is easy but it takes practice to be able to hold down chords and make them sound right.  If your teacher is teaching you “Mary had a little lamb” they probably know you’re not ready for power chords, left hand muted strumming, and fast tempos.  Trust your teacher to get you where you want even if it doesn’t happen immediately.  Musicians take years to be able to play and it will take you time as well.

But, if lessons are boring you won’t want to practice, right?  Perhaps.  Suggest to your teacher that maybe there are some tunes you like to listen to that can be simplified.  One of my students brought me a book called “The Guitar Three Chord Songbook”.  With these three chords you can learn lots of songs.  Don’t expect them to sound just like the versions you know but it might be a way to keep you interested as you become more accomplished.

I want to be a rock star but my teacher keeps teaching me kids songs. Why?