Posted on November 19, 2011 by Andy John

If your child has been nagging you to get them lessons it is a good sign they are ready.  However, kids are often flighty about what they want.  It’s dancing this week, karate next week…  Taking music lessons requires a great deal of patience for both of you and ultimately only you can decide.  One strategy is to decide on a trial period of lessons to see how it will go, such as over the summer or until the end of school.  This takes the pressure off of both of you and gives a reasonable goal.  You can reassess at the end of that period.  Also, please don’t start your child on the nicest, most expensive instrument you can afford.  You should reserve this for a milestone such as a good report card, two years of successful guitar lessons, first recital, or something of that nature.  But don’t start them on an instrument that is of poor quality.  I have seen some wretched guitars come through my studio from parents who proudly claim they only paid $30 for it.  If you are ready to shell out the money for lessons then don’t make it hard on your child by starting them on a poor instrument.  Check out local music stores whose livelihood depend on a happy customer and repeat business.  You can find a guitar for any price but in my experience, if you buy from a trusted name you are more likely to be happy with the purchase.  Also, if you tell them your child is going to be taking lessons they probably have some relationship with the teacher which will work to your advantage as well.  I have been happy with the service provided by all the music stores in the Asheville area.  I would suggest you check out the Music CenterMusic City Asheville, or Acoustic Corner in Black Mountain.  If you are dead set on going online I would suggest Musician’s Friend.  Pawn shops are dubious.  I have bought from them but unless you know about instruments you are often setting yourself up for disappointment.  I have found bargains but generally the price they ask is nearly as much as a music store would ask and there is no warranty.

My child keeps asking me for guitar lessons but I think (s)he is too young. When should they start?