Posted on July 28, 2011 by Andy John

I have no idea…


Of course everyone learns at different rates so a one-size-fits-all answer is not possible but here’s some things to consider.

Practicing is the most important consideration.  I can’t tell just by listening to my students how much they have practiced.  I don’t even ask.  I used to, but they would always say “yes” (kids, anyway) because they think that’s the answer I want to hear.  I am a facilitator to learning but the real work begins at home during practice.  A steady diet of 30 minutes of concentrated practicing on the material I’ve assigned is enough to make excellent progress.

This does not mean that this should be the only playing that is done.  Music should be fun, so any time goofing off, making noise, jamming out, and getting together with others to play is invaluable and highly rewarding.  It may not be practicing though.  Practice should be working on things you don’t know yet.

The student’s state-of-mind is also a consideration for progress.  If bored, tired, or un-enthused, expect less progress.

When I was taking piano as a kid my dad gave me an unscientific figure of 3 years.  I like that.  Expect to be able to play in 3 years:-)

How soon can I expect to be able to play?