Posted on May 19, 2012 by Andy John

Check out my video from an interview by Jamarcus Gaston if you haven’t already. 

This is the main question I am asked when people want to learn the didge. It is perfectly possible but you have to train yourself to think differently about breathing.  The skill is applicable to all wind instruments, but not to singers.

1. Puff out your cheeks and hold the air in them.
2. Close off your throat with your gag muscle. It’s the same muscle you use for the”K” sound.
3. Breathe normally through your nose. You should see now that it is possible to have air in your cheeks as well as in your lungs at the same time. The air used during circular breathing comes from your cheeks.
4. Sniff in through your nose as you squeeze your cheeks. You are now breathing in through your nose while air is leaving your mouth!

How do you circular breathe on the didgeridoo?